A former NHL Goaltender, NHL Coach, and Olympic Silver Medalist. Corey was drafted by the New York Rangers in 1991. In 1994, he was an active roster member of the New York Rangers Stanley Cup Championship team. He was traded by the New York to Vancouver in 1995, and after an outstanding rookie year during the '95-'96 NHL season, he was named to the NHL’s All-Rookie team. Corey went on to play over 100 NHL games, making stops in Nashville, Washington and Dallas before finishing out his career in Europe.


During his time in New York and Vancouver, Corey battled severe panic attacks and depression. After the '94 season, one in which Corey won an Olympic Silver medal and drank out of the Stanley Cup, Corey would make an unsuccessful attempt at his own life. After his attempt, Corey would go on to try to hide his mental health issues in the NHL for 3 more years. When he could no longer play due to the debilitating panic attacks and severe weight loss, he finally reached out to his team trainer. Corey was eventually diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder and got the lifesaving treatment that he needed.


Corey has now dedicated his life to becoming a mental health advocate in the battle to end the stigma. He is an engaging speaker that educates, motivates, and inspires his audience. He gives hope to others struggling by showing vulnerability and letting people know they are not alone.


Today, Corey is thriving. He has 3 children and is a radio broadcaster for the Vancouver Canucks.

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